What is Pytest System Statistics#

It’s a pytest plugin, extracted from pytest-salt-factories, which tracks the test suite CPU and memory usage and, optionally, includes a report section including that data, for example:

test_proc_sys_stats.py::test_one PASSED                                                [100%]
----------------------------------- Processes Statistics ------------------------------------
  .......... System - CPU: 17.80 %  MEM: 29.70 % (Virtual Memory)  SWAP:  12.80 %
  .. Test Suite Run - CPU:  0.00 %  MEM:  0.05 % (RSS)  MEM SUM: 0.09 % (RSS)  CHILD PROCS: 2
  ...... FooProcess - CPU:  0.00 %  MEM:  0.02 % (RSS)  MEM SUM: 0.03 % (RSS)  CHILD PROCS: 1

==================================== 1 passed in 0.34s ======================================


Installing Pytest System Statistics is as simple as:

python -m pip install pytest-system-statistics


Controlling the behaviour of the plugin is made through flags which are passed to pytest.

--sys-stats             Print System CPU and MEM statistics after each test execution.
--no-sys-stats          Do not print System CPU and MEM statistics after each test execution.
--sys-stats-no-children Don't include child processes memory statistics.
--sys-stats-uss-mem     Use the USS("Unique Set Size", memory unique to a process which
                        would be freed if the process was terminated) memory instead which
                        is more expensive to calculate.

Tracking Additional Processes#

To include additional processes to track and report statistics against, simply add it to the session scoped stats_processes fixture, for example:

def my_server_process(stats_processes):
    proc = subprocess.Popen(...)
    stats_processes.add("MyServerProcess", proc.pid)
        yield proc


The pytest-system-statistics project team welcomes contributions from the community. For more detailed information, refer to CONTRIBUTING.


Please see Contents for full documentation, including installation and tutorials.


Please use the GitHub issue tracker to submit bugs or request features.


Consult the Changelog page for fixes and enhancements of each version.

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